Goals and New Years Resolutions


Check out my Goals Corner. It’s right where I see it ten times a day so that inspiration can rain down.

I have a stack full of goals written down that will be put up today.

I think it’s a good idea that will lead to some good, positive outcomes.

I’ll post a finished picture later!


My Christmas Swag – Yes!

My Christmas Swag - Yes!

Let the Green Smoothies Begin! I’ve been bugging my wife about going on a Water Fast, breaking the Pleasure Trap and then starting over with doing the entire Forks Over Knives, Rich Roll, etc Vegan diet. I did it for a good bit of the start of 2013 and felt great. (I fell off the wagon hard)

Now, I have no excuses! My bluff has been called! Time to put up or shut up! And, any other generic phrases you want to put in there.

It’s going to be fun! (Maybe not the fasting part 🙂 )