Brick Workout… Does This Count

I know that a brick workout is when a triathlete does one workout immediately followed by another of one of the other disciplines…. Going swimming followed by a bike ride for example.

Does it work the other way around…. In a different order? I ran today and immediately jumped in the pool for laps.

Does this count as a brick workout?


Swimming Is Hard

I’ve been swimming the past three weeks off and on. Calling what I’m doing swimming is being generous…. It’s closer to drowning.

That is until today. I picked up a copy of Total Immersion swimming and have been working my way though the text. Today was my first attempt at using some of the techniques and…. Wow! I can really tell a difference. I can’t wait to see what else this book has to tell me…. Particularly in the area of breathing.
Also, the weight continues to drop…. In fact I finally had someone I hadn’t seen in a while remark that I looked thinner…. Yes!