One Week Below 190!


Yes!  I am so excited!  It has been an entire week below 190!  


Talk about motivating.  The walking to work….the eating better (mostly)….the swimming…..woohoo!






Now, fifteen more to go.



Two Weeks Down..

Two weeks down in this new venture of walking to the gym by where I work…working out there and then going to work.

So far things are going really well!  The scale shows a weight loss of around 5 to six pounds and I feel great!  The exercise plus good diet is getting it done.

The only downside is being constrained by having to get to work and not having enough time for a thorough workout…I’m thinking of running here at the house and then walking to the gym to swim or lift weights. We’ll see, that would require waking up even earlier…always a tough call.

Still, things are good!