Our Crazy Life

Three months ago my wife and I took Dave Ramsey’s financial peace class at a local church.  Our eyes were opened!  We realized that not only did we not have a clue about what we were doing financially but that if we kept it up we would never reach our goals.  (Our own home, retirement, financial peace……)

One of the things Dave Ramsey preaches is to get crazy intense…….Gazelle Intense when it comes to your finances.

We have become GAZELLE Intense.  We worked with our landlord to get out of our pricey rent house.  We found a cheap little tiny apartment that will let us have more money each month to pay off all of our doubts.  The only problem is that the apartment wouldn’t be ready for two weeks until we had to be out of our rental!  So, we have been technically homeless for two weeks and have roomed with just about every relative that will let all five of us stay with them.  When we signed the lease on the new tiny apartment I didn’t want to go. However, after the last two weeks……I’m ready!

Bring it on, that little place is going to be home sweet home.