The Physical….or Wow, am I in Bad Shape!

I had my physical yesterday and will receive the blood work in a few weeks. I’m not excited to see the craziness that will be my cholesterol levels and how they compare to my past results.

There were some immediate results however,,,,,the BMI was 27.5 and a body-fat percentage of 21.7%  Ouch!   So, the image I Googled below is just about right.


So what you’ve heard is true.  Pizza will put on the pounds!  😦

It’s time to rethink this:



I Have A Heart Attack In My Future….

Image….Were the words my doctor started my physical with today. My blood work numbers were off the charts!  HDL, LDL, Cholesterol,  Triglycerides……you name it, they were HIGH. I thought they were elevated last year…..but this was a big step (jump) in the wrong direction.

My Doc suggested (strongly) that I get on medication.

I convinced him to give me three months to try something different.  I’ve read The Engine 2 Diet.  I’ve read Rich Roll and the Skinny Bitch.  I know what to do……I have to DO IT.

Time to Eat Vegan and Workout Strong.

An Update So Far

The point of this blog is to document how I am Turning This Life Around.  I wanted to concentrate on three areas:

  1. Finances
  2. Physical heath
  3. Diet

Here’s my ranking so far:

  1. Finances:   C-    We have made a budget. Sticking to it….not so much. Medical bills are throwing everything to the wind this month.  We still need to finish  baby step one and this will only be heled by sticking to or budget. Then the fun can begin with the debt snowball. 
  2. Physical heath: C-  I have been running…..periodically. I have been lifting….. periodically.  This will soon be much better as I will be running to and from work each day. Yes, running.  I’ll be forced into two a day workouts.  
  3. Diet: B+  Mostly healthy….with some cheating thrown in here and there. 

I need to keep telling myself…..Get your act together! 

You Get Excited and Motivated and Then You Get Sick.

Updated: I woke up this morning not quite as well as I was hoping but went for a run anyway. There was a lot of coughing but I toughed it out anyway. Have felt great the rest of the day! Maybe the run helped clear out the lungs?

I’ve been battling a Summer cold the past few days which was picked up as always from the indoor mall playground. To many kids and to many germs equals one sick dad…Anyway, working out has taken a hit. But, I feel so much better that tomorrow morning it’s back on!

I can use the motivation from the book I’ve been reading, You Are an Ironman: How Six Weekend Warriors Chased Their Dream of Finishing the World’s Toughest Triathlon.  A great read…I recommend it!