I Have A Heart Attack In My Future….

Image….Were the words my doctor started my physical with today. My blood work numbers were off the charts!  HDL, LDL, Cholesterol,  Triglycerides……you name it, they were HIGH. I thought they were elevated last year…..but this was a big step (jump) in the wrong direction.

My Doc suggested (strongly) that I get on medication.

I convinced him to give me three months to try something different.  I’ve read The Engine 2 Diet.  I’ve read Rich Roll and the Skinny Bitch.  I know what to do……I have to DO IT.

Time to Eat Vegan and Workout Strong.


Sucked In By The Dollar Drink


I fell for it….. I just wanted a tea…. But of course a small side of fries had to go with it. And they were so so good. You now it… McDonalds fries are heaven. But now…. The GUILT. Ugh. I feel like I’ve wasted all the good work I’ve put in this week with my workouts and diet. Time to get back on the right track!

Vegan Eating

I went completely vegan for two months… And loved it. Felt great… Lots of energy… Then weight on the scale was going the right direction.

Then, almost over the course of a single day it all stopped. I don’t know why…. Just boom… Done.

I want to bet back on the train. Maybe I should watch Forks Over Knives again.