My BloodWork History….OR, Why I am in trouble……

Let’s take a look at one area of my life that I need to turn around… terrible blood-work.

From a year and a half ago:

Name Value Reference Range
CHOLESTEROL, TOTAL 191 125-200 mg/dL
HDL CHOLESTEROL 37 > OR = 40 mg/dL
TRIGLYCERIDES 249 <150 mg/dL
LDL-CHOLESTEROL 104 <130 mg/dL (calc)
CHOL/HDLC RATIO 5.2 < OR = 5.0 (calc)

From three months ago:

Name Value Reference Range
TRIGLYCERIDES 357 <150 mg/dL
HDL CHOLESTEROL 41 > OR = 40 mg/dL
CHOLESTEROL, TOTAL 253 125-200 mg/dL
LDL-CHOLESTEROL 141 <130 mg/dL (calc)
CHOL/HDLC RATIO 6.2 < OR = 5.0 (calc)

I’m a science guy and know that charts show off information best…….So:

The Bad News

The Bad News

It’s so obvious that not only are the numbers bad…….they are much worse than then year before.  This is why my doctor was giving me the evil eye and wanting to give me cholesterol medicine. The worst is that I haven’t changed!  That’s why when I read this story in the New York Times: The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food …….a lot of things made sense. It’s no wonder that changing my diet has been SO difficult.


I Have A Heart Attack In My Future….

Image….Were the words my doctor started my physical with today. My blood work numbers were off the charts!  HDL, LDL, Cholesterol,  Triglycerides……you name it, they were HIGH. I thought they were elevated last year…..but this was a big step (jump) in the wrong direction.

My Doc suggested (strongly) that I get on medication.

I convinced him to give me three months to try something different.  I’ve read The Engine 2 Diet.  I’ve read Rich Roll and the Skinny Bitch.  I know what to do……I have to DO IT.

Time to Eat Vegan and Workout Strong.