On Week In and Four Pounds Down

Wow!  What a difference a week makes!

I’m one week into Camp Gladiator and am down four pounds.  Not only that….I feel great!


Camp Gladiator

Time to workout!

I start bootcamp tonight. It’s been a year since I last last attempted it and I’m a little nervous. I have a jangy ankle that’s worrying me but that’s not the main reason I’m nervous.

I’m worried that I will quit. It’s my M.O. I’m gung-ho for a few weeks and loose weight, feel better…….all the things you get from working out. Then all the gains are gone once I just stop going.

So, pray for me…..give me the motivation to keep going and to just kick butt!

The Physical….or Wow, am I in Bad Shape!

I had my physical yesterday and will receive the blood work in a few weeks. I’m not excited to see the craziness that will be my cholesterol levels and how they compare to my past results.

There were some immediate results however,,,,,the BMI was 27.5 and a body-fat percentage of 21.7%  Ouch!   So, the image I Googled below is just about right.


So what you’ve heard is true.  Pizza will put on the pounds!  😦

It’s time to rethink this: