I Have A Heart Attack In My Future….

Image….Were the words my doctor started my physical with today. My blood work numbers were off the charts!  HDL, LDL, Cholesterol,  Triglycerides……you name it, they were HIGH. I thought they were elevated last year…..but this was a big step (jump) in the wrong direction.

My Doc suggested (strongly) that I get on medication.

I convinced him to give me three months to try something different.  I’ve read The Engine 2 Diet.  I’ve read Rich Roll and the Skinny Bitch.  I know what to do……I have to DO IT.

Time to Eat Vegan and Workout Strong.


3 thoughts on “I Have A Heart Attack In My Future….

  1. I managed to get my cholesterol to acceptable levels through diet and exercise and I already had a pretty good diet and exercise. If you don’t have a good diet and don’t exercise so much already, there will be loads of room for improvement. Obviously I’d suggest getting a copy of my e-book if you haven’t already but that’s out of concern for your health, not a sales pitch! Oh, and vegan isn’t entirely great, as fish oils are very important for heart health … but a diet with fish and lean meat but vegan recipes as well would be excellent. Good luck!

  2. tsbrock says:

    Wow. Those words would definitely get me into action!

    I haven’t been to a doctor in months (not since a vertigo issue in April) and haven’t had a “check-up” in years…Maybe it’s time I get all my numbers checked…

    Thanks for commenting over at my blog. Speaking of a Polar HRM, I just got a Garmin Forerunner 610 that will also read HR straps. I’m going to see how my bike computer strap works with the watch. It should work great, both ANT+ devices and whatnot.

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