Brick Workout… Does This Count

I know that a brick workout is when a triathlete does one workout immediately followed by another of one of the other disciplines…. Going swimming followed by a bike ride for example.

Does it work the other way around…. In a different order? I ran today and immediately jumped in the pool for laps.

Does this count as a brick workout?


2 thoughts on “Brick Workout… Does This Count

  1. I would think the purpose of doing a brick in the right order is to simulate the kind of fatigue you’d feel in a race and give an opportunity to practice transitions. That being said, as a swimmer we did all kinds of dryland work before swimming so that we could practice swimming tired. I have no problem with you switching the order as far as swimming goes. Just make sure you do bricks in the right order too so you don’t get any surprises on race day. As you become more advanced, the order might become more important.

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