HITS Triathlon Series?

Looking for advice… I’m thinking of entering a triathlon sponsored by this company…. HITS. They have triathlons all over the country so they must be doing something right.
Specifically, I’m looking at doing THE triathlon in Marble Falls Texas. This will be my first and I want to make sure that they put on a good race. I’m going to sign up for the Olympic distance. Is that to far for a first triathlon?


2 thoughts on “HITS Triathlon Series?

  1. Oly distance is not too far for a first tri, but you want to make sure you can swim that distance before race day. Same goes for the bike and the run, only there tends to be less drowning during the run portion of triathlons hence the focus on being able to swim X distance, make sure to get in open water swims before race day and if possible bike and run the course if you live near the race in TX. good luck!

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