To Post Before Pictures or Not….?

Lot’s of people take the obligatory “before” pictures of what they look like before they start working out. I’m definitely taking before pictures so that I can compare and keep track of how my body changes.  I’ve read repeatedly that this is a good way to motivate yourself as you can see how your body becomes more fit over time.

But, lot’s of people post those pictures on-line……I wonder if I should do the same? What do you think?

A bit nerve racking to put pictures of my un-inshape self up on the web for the globe to peer at.


One thought on “To Post Before Pictures or Not….?

  1. You could always create the post, and save it in drafts. Later on, when you are happy with some progress, use that post – and hyperlink to it in your new post. I’ve been losing weight, slowly, with diet and lifestyle changes, but I don’t feel comfortable posting photos, so I understand. Do whatever you are comfortable with- doesn’t matter what others think!

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